Sunday, February 21, 2010

Secrets by Robin Jones Gunn/Review

"Secrets" is published by Waterbrook-Multnomah and will be available in ebook and paperback book as of February 16, 2010. I was happy to receive a copy from the publishers for the sole purpose of reviewing.

Back Cover:
Jessica Morgan wants desperately to forget the past and begin a new life. She chooses a small,peaceful town tucked away in Oregon's Willamette Valley as the place to start over -- Glenbrook. Once they are, Jessica conceals her identity from the intriguing personalities she meets -- including the compassionate paramedic who desires to protect her and the jealous woman who wants nothing more than destroy her.
Will Jessica's deceit ruin all hope for the future? Or will she find a deeper peace that allows her to stop hiding the truth from those who love her most of all?
This heartwarming bestseller, book one in the Glenbrooke series, introduces the fascinating people of Glenbrooke in a compelling tale of romance and spiritual truth.

About the Author:
Robin Jones Gunn is the much -loved award -winning author of the Glenbrook, Sisterchicks, Christie Miller, and Sierra Jensen series, with more than 3 million books sold worldwide. Robin lives with her family near Portland, Oregon.

My Take:
This is the first book that I've read written by Robin Jones Gunn. It is always a thrilling experience to discover a new author that is established and already has books that have been published. This is how I felt after reading "Secrets". I couldn't wait to get a hold of another of Robins books.
This is the first book of a series and was first published in 1995. It is being republished in trade paperback as well as ebook format and will be available by Feburary 16. There are seven other titles already published in the Glennbrooke series so I have others to look forward to reading.
In "Secrets" Jessica Morgan is running from something - but what is it? She hopes to start a new life in Glenbrooke along with a new identity. The one friend she has in town, but school principle, who has hired her as a teacher, has had a stroke and will not be able to help her. On her way into town she has a wreck and spends time in the hospital. Not a very good beginning to her new life. However, the paramedic she meets seems drawn to her as well as she to him. She wonders what he would think if he knew she was hiding a secret.
In the end Jessica learns that she has made a mistake by trying to hide from her past and begin a new life based on lies. You will be turning the pages to continue the up and down saga of Jessica in the town of Glenbrooke and meet a host of friends that come to love Jessica. For more information on this book follow this link:


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