Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review of "The Familiar Stranger" by Christina Berry

I remember when "The Familiar Stranger" first debuted. I was very impressed after reading all of the great reviews about this first book of Christina's. I tried several times to win a copy and and failed to do so. However, I didn't give up and lo and behold I won an autographed copy from Christina. I admit it took me a while to read it as there were several books ahead that I wanted to read. I'm glad that I decided to go ahead the delve in. Without further ado here is the review.

Back Cover: Why is Craig so cold and distant? Denise wonders. Is it his job? The family? Or is it me? Though she's poured her heart into her marriage, years of enduring his long hours, frequent times away, and short temper had left her with deep sadness.
Then one morning in the middle of church or cell phone rings. Embarrassed, she gets to the lobby, takes the call... and is shocked by the use she hears. Craig's been in an accident.
So begins their fresh start. While keeping vigil by his bedside she wills herself to make their marriage work, whatever the cost. And when Craig finally regains consciousness, he appears to want the same thing -- except for one detail. He doesn't know who she is.
Nor does he remember anything about their life, their children, or why he was parked on the side of the freeway when the accident occurred. As he struggles to recall the past, he also shows a new love for Denise characterized by tender strength and consideration. So what if she could do when the ugly betrayals emerge? Is it possible to forgive a man who thoroughly violated her trust? How many more lies and secrets are yet to be discovered?
And then, without warning, his memories come flooding back...

About The Author: As a single mom and foster parent, Christina Berry carves time out of her busy schedule to write about the heart and soul of life. She lives with her family in rural Oregon. The Familiar Stranger is her debut novel. Get to know her better at:

My Take: Even though I have heard great things about this book, you really don't know for sure if you are going to like it until you read it for yourself. Well, I did read it and I didn't just "like" it I thought it was a great book. The Familiar Stranger has more twists and turns than a curvy road winding its way up to the Smoky Mountains.

Not only is this a story of a family who appears to be happy. But, there are secrets that have been hidden for a long time. The story combines the drama of a family falling apart and also has suspense enough to keep you turning those pages. I thought I had it figured out several times to find that I was wrong again. I think Christina did a fantastic job on this debut novel and will appeal to many people. Keep up the good work Christina and I will be looking forward to your next book! Please go over and check out Christina's website. To order "The Familiar Stranger" please go the the right of my blog and order from



  1. Deborah, you're as tricky as I am! When I read "I didn't just like it," I mixed the just and didn't, which changes the whole meaning of the sentence! ;p I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Any of your readers can also sign up for the infrequent, humorous newsletter on my site for their chance to win a copy as well. :D

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