Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Five Book Giveaway!

It's December and Christmas is around the corner. I'm in the giving mood. I'm going to give away five - yes that is five books. Here is what you need to do:

1) Let me know if you are a new or old follower. Leave an email address.
2)Leave a comment and let me know if you are familiar with any of these authors.
3)What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Here we go. Let me introduce you to the books and remember you have a good chance of winning one of the five books!

"The Merchant's Daughter" by Melanie Dickerson.

"Beguiled" by Deeanne Gist and Mark Bertrand

"Dry as Rain" by Gina Holmes

"The Blackberry Bush" by David Housholder

"The Land of Darkness" by C.S. Lakin


  1. I would love to win Dry As Rain! I have read Beguiled! I joined via google friend, but don't really understand how I am to get posts. I just happened to visit your blog this time.

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Good to see you. You can keep up with the posts on your Dashboard of your blog.

    I'm posting for Virginia Rush who tried to leave a post and couldn't. She wants to be entered in the drawing.

  3. 1. Old.
    2. They are all new to me except CS Lakin.
    3. The Homecoming!

  4. I'm an old, old follower:) I'm not too familiar with any of the authors, except for Melanie Dickerson. I read her first book, The Healer's Apprentice" and I loved it! Right now, I'm reading "The Merchant's Daughter" and it's proving to be just as good as her first one.
    My favorite Christmas movie is, Miracle on 34th Street.


  5. I'm an old follower, have read Deanna Gist books and really enjoyed them, just won Dry As Rain but haven't received it yet and I agree Miracle on 34th Street (the original) is my favorite Christmas movie, if I have to pick just one.


  6. I'm an old follower.

    I've read Melanie's and C.S. Lakin's first books. I'd love to read their newest ones!!

    No contest! My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas! :)

    bluerosesheart at yahoo dot com

  7. I'm an old follower, but a new public follower.

    I've read a book by both DeeAnne Gist and Melanie Dickerson before.

    Choosing one favorite Christmas movie is tough. I'd say Mrs. Miracle is a new favorite of mine, it's based on the book by Debbie Macomber!

  8. What a fabulous collection of novels...thank you for the opportunity to read them :)

    i'm an 'old' follower.
    i have heard of all of these authors.
    my favourite christmas movie is...'the little drummer boy'

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  9. I'm a new follower. This is my first visit. I've heard of all the authors but have not read there work although Melanie's is on my wish list. My favorite Christmas movie is The Christmas Story. It's a family tradition :)

    adamsfammys at yahoo dot com

  10. I'm a new follower. My fav Christmas movie is Holiday Inn. I've read Dry as Rain and a few of C.S. Lakin's books, one of Deanne Gist's books. My daughter fell in love with Melanie's first book. I'd be thrilled to win any of these books, except Dry as Rain because I already own it. :)


  11. The only book of the five I haven't gotten or read already is C. S. Lakin's book, The Land of Darkness. So I'd love to be entered to win that.


  12. Merry Christmas!! And I am an old follower. I would love Melanie Dickerson's The Merchant's Daughter. I've been trying to win it because I love Melanie's books.
    Thanks for the offer!

  13. Merry Christmas!
    I am an old follower. I have read The Blackberry Bush. I received it in exchange for a review. I was pretty good. I'm currently reading the eBook of The Merchant's Daughter. :)
    I don't have a fave Christmas movie because I hardly ever watch Christmas movies. I know this sounds unbelievable, but it's true. I usually watch movies a month or two after they appear in cinemas, so in December, it's usually October or November movies.


  14. I'm a new follower. Nice blog!
    These books are new to me, but I've heard of a few authors.
    While You Were Sleeping is my favorite Christmas movie, but New in Town is pretty funny too.
    Thanks for the contest!
    Jackie Layton

  15. Hi! I am a new follower. I am enjoying reading your blog. I have read books by both Gina Holmes and Deeanne Gist. I loved "Crossing Oceans" by Gina Holmes. It is one of my favorite books. I have read most of Deeanne Gist's books and really enjoy them. I am not familiar with any of the other authors.

    Favorite Christmas movie is "White Christmas". It is a tradition in my house that we watch this movie every year. It just isn't Christmas without it.

    Lynne Young

  16. I am an old follower. I have heard of Gina Holmes and Deeanne Gist but haven't read their books yet. Favorite Christmas stories are "Miracle on 34th Street","It's a Wonderful Life" and "Scrooge".


  17. I am an old follower. I have heard of all but David, but I've only read Deeanne and Melanie.
    Favorite Christmas movies: "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Holiday Inn. Plus a newer one, "Homeless for Christmas."

    Linda at: desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  18. Hi. I'm Jan Pierce, a new follower. I don't know these authors, but each book looks interesting. I love It's a Wonderful Life--a classic.

  19. Good afternoon!! I am a new follower. I have seen "The Blackberry Bush" by David Housholder, but I haven't purchased it yet. I would love to read it! The other authors I haven't read anything by them. They all sound great! My favorite Christmas movie is "Christmas Comes to Willow Creek" with John Schneider and Tom Wopat. Thanks for the chance to win!
    tscmshupe [at] pemtel [dot] net

  20. This is the first time I have been to your blog. There are many new authors I have never read before. I am looking forward to reading some of their books.
    There are so many great Christmas movies. I've enjoyed watching all the new Hallmark movies, especially one I saw last night--Cancelling Christmas and the Christmas special by Jeaneatte Oke.


  21. Hey,
    Old follower here. I've met with Melanie and have her first book. Would love to read the second. I met Gina Holmes at the Blue Ridge Conference, interesting lady. One of my favorite Christmas movies is the older version of Dickens, A Christmas Carol, starring George C. Scott :)

  22. I am an old follower. Not really old but you know what I mean:D
    I am familiar with several of the authors but would really love to win Melanie's book. Have it on my wish list!
    My favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Shoes or the Charlie Brown Christmas. I know, a little old fashioned, but I enjoy it:)
    Thanks for this great giveaway!


  23. I'm a GFC follower.

    frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. I'm familiar with Melanie Dickerson. and Deeanne Gist.

    I would love to win "Beguiled" by Deeanne Gist and Mark Bertrand!

  25. My favorite Christmas movie? I don't know if I have one, but 'The Christmas Card' was really good!

    frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. I'm posting for someone who could not get through.

    I thought I had entered this giveaway but having puter problems so guess I have not. lol..
    I have not read any of these books but all 5 look great. I have heard of the authors.

    My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas but I love to watch all the Christmas movies this time of yr on TV.

    I am old GFC follower from Georgia

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  27. I'm an "old" GFC follower. I would love to win Melanie's book "The Merchant's Daughter." I read her first book and found it very enjoyable. I've heard of the other authors,except C.S. Lakin, but have not read any of their books yet.
    I'd rather read than watch movies, but I guess my favorite Christmas movie would be "It's a Wonderful Life."
    Thanks for giving away these books.


  28. I am new to reading this type of Christian fiction so I am unfamiliar with these authors. The books all look very interesting.

    I have not seen the movie recently but I really liked A Muppet's Christmas Carol. And for a more recent movie I liked Midnight Clear.


  29. I'm an old follower.

    I've read all of Deeanne Gist's books. I would love to read Melanie Dickerson's book. I've heard it's great! I've heard of Holmes & Lakin but never read any of their books. Never heard of Housholder, though.

    While You Were Sleeping would be my favorite Christmas movie :)

    I'm getting ready to start Death in Dahlonega!


  30. I am a new follower, and I just checked out your very nice blog.

    I would like to read any of the five books because I love to read! I am not familiar with any of the five authors.

    My favorite Christmas movie is "It's A Wonderful Life" starring James Stewart.

    My e-mail address is

  31. I am a new follower! :)

    I am familiar with Melanie Dickerson, but I already have The Merchant's Daughter. I've heard of Deeanne Gist.

    My favorite Christmas movie is Elf.


  32. Just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by. I appreciate all of my followers. Anne I hope you enjoy "Death in Dahlonega" and hope some of my other followers will read a copy.
    Debbie Malone

  33. 1) I'm an old follower and I've been following for quite some time. ;)

    2) I've not read any of these books but have read two of the authors before and liked them both.

    3) "It's a Wonderful Life"

    twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

  34. What a wonderful variety of books! I am a new follower and love your blog. I have only read a book by one author here, Deeanne Gist (Love on the Line), but I have "The Merchant's Daughter" on my TBR list. Also, as a lover of fantasy reads, I will now be looking at C.S. Lakin. The other books look good as well. My favorite Christmas movie is "Babes in Toyland" followed closely by "Holiday Inn."
    Donna Safford

  35. I am an old follower. I love Deanne Gist and have a 4 of her books. I have never read from any of the other authors. I would love to win any of these books.

    My favorite Christmas movie is "It's a Wonderful Like". There are so many to name. I could give you a whole list.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win.
    Debbie Clark

  36. I'm posting for someone who could not get through.

    That's so sweet of you, Deborah. Thank you! I'll try to remember what I said.

    Thanks so much for your great blog and this generous book give away, Deborah. It's wonderful.

    I am a first time visitor and really having fun.

    I have read Melanie Dickerson's last book and have heard such great things about The Merchant's Daughter that I would love to win it. I know Gina Holmes through some of her articles and Novel Journey. She always informs and fascinates, while entertaining me at the same time. I would read anything by Gina.

    My favorite Christmas movie is Ben Hur. It's more an Easter movie than Christmas I suppose, but Charlton Heston and Jesus in the same movie? Works year round really!

    My email is tessaafshar at cox dot net