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Five Book Giveaway!

It's December and Christmas is around the corner. I'm in the giving mood. I'm going to give away five - yes that is five books. Here is what you need to do:

1) Let me know if you are a new or old follower. Leave an email address.
2)Leave a comment and let me know if you are familiar with any of these authors.
3)What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Here we go. Let me introduce you to the books and remember you have a good chance of winning one of the five books!

"The Merchant's Daughter" by Melanie Dickerson.

"Beguiled" by Deeanne Gist and Mark Bertrand

"Dry as Rain" by Gina Holmes

"The Blackberry Bush" by David Housholder

"The Land of Darkness" by C.S. Lakin

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Please take a few minutes to stop by the F.A.I.T.H. Girls blog at and leave a comment to win a copy of my debut cozy mystery "Death in Dahlonega." The giveaway ends Sunday the 21st, so hurry on over. I'll keep you posted when I have an interview on someone's blog.

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Double Giveaway/Another Hour to Kill and Another Stab at Life by Anita Higman


It has been a busy time for me with the birth of my debut novel "Death in Dahlonega." I'm proud to say it made the top 10 best seller list for women sleuths category on I hope my followers will read it at some time. Now for our double giveaway. Anita Higman, another cozy writer, has brought back two of her books in ebook form and she is trying to get the word out. We are lucky to have two signed copies of her paperback books, they are "Another Stab at Life" and Another Hour to Kill." I read both of these and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Baily has survived the mysteries of Volstead Manor, but her latest threats are more ominous than ever. Did her neighbor B.J. die of natural causes? Or was he murdered? And why does the new neighbor, Vlad Tepes, seem to always be watching her?
While searching for a lost treasure and planning a wedding the size of an amusement park, Bailey must discover what monster is still lurking in the neighborhood. Will she unravel the puzzle in time, or will Bailey merely provide the villain with "Another Hour to Kill?"

She has nowhere to go except the dilapidated mansion she's just inherited from her granny Minna. Unfortunately, Bailey discovers that the house has a history as shadowy as its hidden passages and finds the neighborhood overflowing with some rather quirky folks - as well as one particularly appealing bachelor. Bailey feels like she's trapped inside the pages of a gothic novel but with a comedic twist. In order to honor her grandmother's wishes and stay at Volstead Manor. Bailey must unravel a string of mysteries and secrets, which all seem determined to stay happily ever buried.

About Anita: Anita Higman is an award-winning author of nineteen books. She enjoys hiking with her family, visiting show caves, and cooking brunch for her friends. Please drop by her book cafe for a cyber visit at

To Enter The Giveaway:

1) Be a follower or become a follower
2)Leave a comment. Do you know what a cozy mystery is? Have you ever read one?
3)Leave your email so I can contact the winner.
4)Visit Anita's website.
5) The contest ends on November 20th, 2011.


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My debut novel "Death in Dahlonega"/Please celebrate with me

Please celebrate with me. My debut cozy mystery "Death in Dahlonega" is now available for purchase. I would like to ask all of my friends and followers who are interested in buying a copy to please wait until November 8, to purchase a copy from This will help increase my rating at If you do, and when you finish reading it if you would please post a review on and Barnes and Noble.
I will be hosting a launch party on November 19th in my home town. I wish all the out-of-towners would be able to come and celebrate with me. I want to thank each and every one of my followers for your support over the years.

Historical writer Trixie Montgomery is asked to cover Gold Rush Days in the picturesque Georgia mountain town, Dahlonega. Trixie seizes the chance to mix business with pleasure and asks her best friend, Dee Dee to tag along.

Their well laid plans go awry when Dee Dee is discovered standing over the lifeless body of prominent citizen, John Tatum – the very man she’d had a run in with earlier that day – holding a bloody pickax in her hands.

Can Trixie find a way to finish her assignment and keep Dee Dee out of the slammer? Winner in American Christian Fiction Writers’ Category Five writing contest!

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Press Photo of author Maureen Lang



I have a treat for my followers. I've mentioned before that I don't review books that I can't get through or just don't like, so if you see a book on my blog you know I liked it. I don't just hand out five star ratings - they earn it. Here is a book that has earned its five star rating. "Oak Leaves" is about a family that has a legacy of children who have Fragile X Syndrome in their families. As you read on you will learn that Maureen has such a child of her own which lead her to write this story. I, too, have a daughter who is severally disabled which made it easy for me to relate to the story. It is written in the present, but goes back to the past in the form of a diary. This is hard to pull off and Maureen has presented this brilliantly.

Maureen has graciously offered a free copy of "Oak Leaves" to one of the followers who leave a comment. This book is out of print so it is a treat that Maureen has some copies she has stored away. Maureen thank you so much for visiting with us! Without further ado lets learn more about Maureen and "Oak Leaves".

Back Cover: Talie and Luke Ingram have everything they want in life--a good marriage, a wonderful baby boy, and financial stability. When Talie discovers a journal that belonged to an ancestor from Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century, she is intrigued. But when the journal reveals some frightening things about a family "curse," Talie hides it away, refusing to deal with the past. But could the past be affecting the present--her baby boy?

Born and raised in Ireland, though she is half English, Cosima Escott is affected by the curse and has sworn she'll never marry. When a proposal is made by Reginald, an Englishman, Cosima's parents believe the future of the family is redeemed. Cosima travels to England with Reginald, though she refrains from giving an answer to his proposal. Here she meets Lord Peter Hamilton and his family. Although she begins to fall in love with Peter, because he is in line to receive his father's title, Cosima knows she could never marry him and possibly bring the "curse" upon his family for future generations.

Will Talie and Luke be strong enough to face the truth about their son? Will Cosima be able to overcome the fears about her curse and accept Peter's love? How can God bring good through circumstances that seem so bad?


1. Maureen could you tell us a little about yourself? Do you have any hobbies you like to do when you aren't writing?

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family! They keep me busy when I’m not writing, so once they’re all out the door on weekday mornings I sit down to write. My middle child is sixteen and has Fragile X Syndrome, a form of genetic mental retardation, so there are some added challenges. But those challenges come with his irresistible smile, so life is good!

As far as hobbies, I used to love painting ceramics. You know, those cute little holiday decorations or kitchen accents? (At least those were my favorites!) But unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the time to indulge myself in painting anything for quite a while. Here’s a picture of some of my old favorites, though!

2. Have you always liked to write. When did you start writing seriously? Was the process hard for you to get published?

I’ve always, always loved to write! I’m one of six kids, and when I was very young I heard my father mention to a neighbor that I was “the creative one.” I think I’ve been trying to live up to that description ever since.

I started writing seriously when I was in my early twenties. I joined what was then a new organization called Romance Writers of America, and began honing my craft through critique partners and writing groups, conferences and lots and lots of reading. My first three books were published in the secular world, and that whole process of working hard toward the goal of publication took a few years. But after my third secular book I went through some personal challenges—a divorce, single parenthood, returning to the working world—and so I just didn’t have the energy or the time to write any more. I stopped for about fifteen years, but the best thing happened along the way. I rededicated my life to Christ and knew if I ever found a way to write again, it would be something He would want to read. It took every bit of those fifteen year to get back to writing, but God brought me to a place where storytelling seemed like the most natural thing in the world. My second path to publication took about four years, from the day I sat down to write again, on to joining ACFW, critique groups, etc., until I received my first contract from a Christian publisher. The journeys weren’t all that different: write consistently, read for inspiration and learning, get unbiased feedback from others trying to hone their own writing skills, rejection, conferences for the opportunity to meet agents and editors, contests, and eventual success. It takes as much perseverance as talent.

3. Your book is about children with Fragile X Syndrome. Could you explain why you decided to write on this subject?

The Oak Leaves is such a special book to me. While it’s not a memoir by any stretch of the imagination, it does have a lot of me in it. As I mentioned, my sixteen year old has Fragile X Syndrome. Learning it was a genetic disorder and that it came from me was absolutely devastating, because he was so young when we learned his life would be one of limitations. I knew “someday” I’d write about the experience, first to explore my own emotions and see if there was anything positive to learn, and secondly to write something other moms of special needs kids might take comfort in, some voice to help define a few of the emotions that seem almost universal. Of all of my books, The Oak Leaves is the one that generates the most response from others, particularly from moms who are on similar journeys. I’m always so grateful to hear the book has helped someone articulate some of what they’ve experienced in their own life. The Oak Leaves is one of my older titles (2007), so these days it’s only available for electronic readers, or at the library, but it remains one of my favorites to this day.

4 You mix the past with the present in "Oak Leaves" why did you decide to do this?

The contemporary thread is a reflection on my own journey through finding out my son has a disability. It’s not exactly a “picker-upper” so I knew in order to entertain my reader, and get through the process of reliving the diagnosis myself, I’d have to lighten up the tone of the book. So I imagined what it must have been like to have a genetic disorder back in Victorian times, before we knew very much about genetics or even about how the brain works. Again, not exactly a cheery topic—but this second thread gave me the opportunity to include a romance. Romance is always fun! This one has its challenges, of course, romantic stories always do, but it allowed me to enjoy the entire book because I knew there was love and hope along with the more serious elements.

5. Last, do you have any advice for writers who dream of being published someday?

The best advice I can give is to keep reading. Reading taught me how to write. That, and getting unbiased feedback from others who read like a writer—with more attention to detail, to both the big picture (how the plot/character/goal/motivation/conflict work) and the details (how grammar, story structure, voice and clarity work). Find someone to share the writing journey, because writing can be a solitary occupation until you find a publisher and it becomes a team effort. A positive critique partner can go a long way to helping improve—just make sure that voice is honest but encouraging, someone who genuinely loves your work and wants to see you succeed every much as they want to succeed themselves.

My next book is titled Bees In The Butterfly Garden and releases from Tyndale House in June of 2012. It’s a very fun, romantic tale of a young lady raised in New England during the Gilded age. When she learns her father made his living as a thief, she decides to take up a legacy he never meant for her to share. My most fun book to date!

Thanks for having me visit!




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Giveaway for "Children of Dreams" by Lorilyn Roberts



"Children of Dreams" is borne out of Lorilyn Roberts shattered dreams. The inspiring story of turning stolen dreams into life-changing hope not only for her but two destitute children will bring tears to the reader as he identifies with her feelings of insecurity and fear. The timeless theme of God's faithfulness - the stuff out of which God brings redemption - will leave the reader riveted to the pages of this book.

"Children of Dreams" is more than an adoption story set in the remotest regions of the planet. Facing insurmountable odds - communist blockades, life-threatening illness, betrayal and deceit - Lorilyn Roberts' courage and determination never to give up will touch the reader.

Despair transformed into heavenly joy and evil overcome by God's redemptive love will inspire even the most skeptical to believe in miracles. "Children of Dreams" resonates with Biblical truth at a deep level and in a sense is everyone's story. Timeless in nature, "Children of Dreams" is sure to be a favorite adoption story for years to come.

Ms. Roberts is intimately familiar with adoption, having also been adopted as a child, and is able to present the spirit of adoption, as never before captured, in this tender story. Comparing the adoption of her daughters to her adoption by the heavenly Father throughout the story flows naturally.

My Take: When I received my copy of "Children of Dreams" in the mail I thought I would just open it and take a look. Before I knew it, I was on Chapter Eight and looking forward to reading the rest of Lorilyn's story. Even though this is a non-fiction book it reads like fiction. Lorilyn has put so much detail into her story you feel like you've been transported to the far regions of Nepal and Vietnam along with her. She tells of her trials and hardships she endured to adopt her children Manisha and Joy. Throughout the book she relates the process of adoption with our adoption by our heavenly Father. You will not look at adoption the same after you read Loyilyn's book. You will not be sorry you read "Children of Dreams" whether you are adoptive parents or not.

To win a copy of "Children of Deams" please:
1. Be a follower or become a follower
2. Go to Lorilyn's website and check it out at:
3. Leave a comment

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Don't miss this Giveaway! "Over the Edge" by Brandilyn Collins


First - please scroll down and leave a comment to win a copy of "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers

There is a reason Brandilyn's book's are known as "seatbelt suspense" read on to find out why! This book will keep you turning page after page w/o stopping. You will never think of ticks the same after reading this book!

Grief. Anger. Hatred. The perfect ingredients for revenge.
Janessa McNeils life looks perfect. Her husband, Dr. Brock McNeil, is a renowned researcher and professor at Stanford University's Department of Medicine. They have a beautiful home and can give their daughter everything she needs. Theirs is a life others envy.

But nothing is as it seems.

Forces are at work that will shatter everything - Janessa's marriage, her way of life, even her safety. For her husband's highly respected assertion that chronic Lyme disease doesn't exist has done more than inform medical and insurance professionals. It's ruined lives. One man's life in particular.

Now it's time to make Dr. Brock McNeil face the truth. To make him see the devastation Lyme disease causes - up close and personal. And this bitter man was found the perfect tools to exact his revenge... Janessa and her daughter.

Brandilyn Collins is a best-selling novelist known for her trademark Seatbelt Suspense. She is a three-time American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year Award winner and has also received Inspirational Readers' Choice and Romantic Times Reviewers Choice honors.

Her newest novel Over the Edge, is a thriller that fuses the ongoing medical debate over treatment of Lyme disease with her own struggle to overcome the debilitating illness.

If you want to win a copy of "Over the Edge" please:
1) be a follower or sign up as a follower
2) leave an email address so I can notify you if you win
3) have you read any of Brandilyn Collins books? Have you heard of Lyme disease?
4) to have an extra chance to win please send someone over to sign up as a follower and have them leave your name as the person who sent them
5)contest will run through the 15th of August


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Review and Giveaway of "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers


Most people have probably heard of Francine Rivers and many have read "Redeeming Love". I am excited to be able to present this book as a giveaway.

Back Cover: California's gold country, 1850. A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their bodies for a place to sleep.
Angel expects nothing from men but betrayal. Sold into prostitution as a child, she survives by keeping her hatred alive. And what she hates most are the men who use her, leaving her empty and dead inside.
The she meets Michael Hosea. A man who seeks his Father's heart in everything, Michael obeys God's call to marry Angel and to love her unconditionally. Slowly, day by day, he defies Angel's every bitter expectation, until despite her resistance, her frozen heart begins to thaw.
But with her unexpected softening come overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear. And so Angel runs. Back to the darkness, away from her husband's pursuing love, terrified of the truth she no longer can deny. Her final healing must come from the One who loves her even more than Michael does...the One who will never let her go.

A powerful retelling of the book of Hosea, Redeeming Love is a life-changing story of God's unconditional, redemptive, all-consuming love.

To win a copy of Redeeming Love please:
1) Be a follower or sign up as a follower
2) Leave an email address in case you win
3) Send someone else to sign up and tell them to let me know who sent them and you will get a second chance to win
4) Have you read any of Francine Rivers books. Did you know she wrote romances for the secular market, before she started writing Christian fiction?


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Giveaway for "Fresh Start Summer" by Beverly Nault


Back Cover: Friendships, old and new, find fresh beginnings when Cherryvale's extreme makeover transforms the peaceful town to an exciting movie location.

Grace Harkins, a muffin-making, bike-riding, retired teacher can't wait to be an extra for the movie filming in Cherryvale. But when outspoken Maggie protests the "biz" invading, suspicious fires break out, strangers lurk and threatening phone calls force Grace to choose between her carefree retirement and saving a friendship in real danger.

About Beverly: Beverly writes from Southern California where she lives with her husband, Gary. They have two grown children. Beverly also writes nonfiction. She co-authored "Lessons from the Mountain, What I Learned from Erin Walton." The book describes Mary McDonough's memories playing Erin on the award winning television drama, "The Waltons."

My Take: This is a sweet, low-keyed pleasant read. The setting is Small Town, America aka Cherryvale. Reading "Fresh Start Summer" took me back to my youth when times were simpler and neighbors knew and cared about each other. But Beverly has entwined her story with a touch of realism. Everything in Cherryvale isn't a bowl full of cherries. The characters are real with real problems that need to be solved.

When a movie crew comes to town to film a movie there are conflicting feelings about the onslaught of those "Hollywood" people invading Cherryvale. The very outspoken Maggie finds herself in a heap of trouble. She is building a refuge for unwanted animals and everything begins to go wrong. Her buildings are being set on fire and she blames it on those movie people getting revenge because she spoke against them. There is more to this mystery though than meets the eye. You will need to read it to find out what happens!

Just as I finished reading "Fresh Start Summer" it was announced in a small town bordering where I live a film crew would be arriving to film a move. The small town of Cedartown welcomed Billy Bob Thornton and Robert Duvall who would be playing in the movie "Jane Mansfield's Car." There was a big to do for a couple of weeks while they were filming. So let me tell you right now the story of Cherryvale in "Fresh Start Summer" can really happen - and it did.

To enter to win a copy of "Fresh Start Summer"
1. You must be a follower or sign up as a new follower
2. Leave an email address so I can contact the winner
3. Visit Beverly's website and look around
4. Did you grow up in a small town? Do you remember the feeling of community?
5. Contest ends July 20th.

Thank you to Lamp Post Publishing for a copy of "Fresh Start Summer" to review.


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Two Reviews! "Her Best Catch" by Lindi Peterson and Montezuma Intrigue by Linda Weaver Clarke

Back Cover: Allison Doll's mother is rebelliously turning fifty, her two best friends have started dating and a gorgeous injured relief pitcher named Ashton Boyd has joined her Sunday school class, rocking her world into confusion, heartache and temptation, places she hasn't visited in a long time, much less all at once.

But with the help of family, old friends she really hasn't lost, a new friend she can really count on, and God, she begins to find out whether she'll always be a girl waiting for life to happen or a woman who's ready to commit to her best catch.

About: Lindi Peterson definitely believes happy endings are just the beginning. She lives out her real life romance with her husband in a small Georgia town. When she's not writing, she loves to read, bowl and spend time with her family.

Here is what Ane Mulligan, editor of Novel Journey, has to say about "Her Best Catch."
The cover is captivating and reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany's (in my opinion). And the story is dynamite! I read it in two sittings, and only put it down the first night because the hubs made me. Allison Doll is fun to be with, and I'm sure I saw a couple of her friends at my church. There is much more to this story than just romance, but with a hot hunky hero and a funny heroine that makes you laugh out loud, you might want to read it more than once. I do. Novel Journey and I give Her Best Catch our highest recommendation. It's a 5-star read.

Montezumas treasure, mysterious events, family secrets, and the importance of learning about your ancestors are themes in Montezuma Intrigue. When a leather parchment of Montezuma s map is found in great-grandfather Evans old chest, April and the twins know this summer is going to be a memorable one. With Julia s help, she and the girls convince John to go on a treasure hunt. Is Montezuma s treasure a legend or reality? Whatever the case, John insists on keeping their little treasure hunt a secret. If certain people find out about it, the family could be in danger.

Linda Weaver Clarke travels throughout the United States, teaching a “Family Legacy Workshop” at libraries, encouraging others to write their family history and autobiography. Clarke is the author of the historical romance series, “A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho” and a new mystery series, “The Adventures of John and Julia Evans.” E-mail Linda at:

Celebrating the Book Launch of Montezuma Intrigue
In celebration of the official Book Launch for Montezuma Intrigue, Linda Weaver Clarke is having several Book Give-Aways from June 27 - July 7: Win a mystery/adventure novel with a touch of romance, at

Adventure, suspense, romance, intrigue, humor, the search for Montezuma's treasure, family secrets, and a good-looking rogue!

When a leather parchment of Montezuma’s map is found in great-grandfather Evans’ old chest, April and the twins know this summer is going to be a memorable one. The girls want to search for it but their father is against it for some mysterious reason. With Julia’s help, she and the girls convince John to go on a treasure hunt. Is Montezuma’s treasure a legend or reality? Whatever the case, John insists on keeping their little treasure hunt a secret. If certain people find out about it, the family could be in danger.

But that’s not all! There will be more gifts for you! You may also be eligible to receive 6 free books as part of this contest: a fantasy by Serena Clarke, children’s books by Sherrill S. Cannon and Lorilyn Roberts, and more.

Here is what reviewer had to say about Montezuma Intrigue:
The whole Evans family is back for another wild and dangerous adventure. This time they have Grandpa along for the ride. When John and Julia's three daughters discover a hidden family treasure map, they convince their parents to conduct their own search for the fortune. They run into all sorts of danger along the way - including an enemy of Julia's who is intent to make her pay for their past troubles.

Julia's daughter, Faith, meets up with a handsome archaeologist who seems just a bit too interested in their hunt for the treasure. Faith is sure the guy's only interest is in her, but her friends and family fear he has ulterior motives.

As the search begins, Julia's father tells the family of how he met their grandmother. A story he never told anyone before, not even Julia. The family is enraptured by his tale and eager to learn more about their family's history, but the story comes to a crashing halt when their lives are threatened by treasure seekers.

This story mixes adventure, suspense and romance into one captivating story. The addition of Julia's parents' romance makes a nice backdrop to the mystery surrounding the hidden treasure. Readers will be enchanted by the entire family, as well as gripped by the terror inflicted on them by the bad guys.

I do hope we will visit with the Evans' family again. They are so enjoyable to get to know.

To order either book just click on the book on the right side of my blog. It will take you directly to


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The Character Therapist

Please help me welcome a new website for readers and especially writers. Here is all the information you need to learn more about The Character Therapist!


BIO: Jeannie Campbell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. She is Head of Clinical Services for a large non-profit and enjoys working mainly with children and couples. She has a Masters of Divinity in Psychology and Counseling and bachelors degrees in both psychology and journalism. Two of Jeannie’s “therapeutic romance” manuscripts have garnered the high praise of being finalists in the Genesis Contest for unpublished writers, sponsored by the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), of which she is an active member. She writes a popular monthly column for Christian Fiction Online Magazine and has been featured in many other e-zines, newspapers, and blogs.


Character Therapy is what I do when I use my professional training and experience as a licensed clinician to evaluate and diagnose fictional characters.
How can you—a published or aspiring writer—benefit?

1) Write characters more realistically.
Using a search engine to find out information about a mental disorder yields a very different result than asking a therapist who has treated those same problems in real life. Instead of getting a bunch of stale facts, I can help you breathe life into your characters while taking into consideration your unique story world.

2) Plot more feasibly.
Plotting the external conflict around your character’s internal conflict is essential to create tension on every page. Understanding the character’s driving goals and motivation in relation to their emotional state will help you figure out what plot points need to occur to maximize the character’s arc to its fullest potential.

3) Avoid clich├ęd or incorrect depictions of mental disorders.
My passion is helping those not afflicted with mental disorders understand those who are. Since one in four adults have a mental disorder, the likelihood of one of your characters having one is pretty high. But you want every nuance to ring true about the character, not feel cardboard cutout or stereotyped. So pick my brain instead of yours to avoid pitfalls of re-writing later.



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Review and Giveaway of "Night of the Cossack" by Tom Blubaugh



"In "Night of the Cossack", Tom Blubaugh has created an interesting fictional account of a young boy facing a series of tough life-or-death decisions when forced into the life of a Cossack soldier. Readers are sure to be entertained by this tale of Nathan Hertzfield's life, his struggle to maintain the upstanding character and morality set forth by his mother."
-Michelle Buckman, Christy Award Finalist

"Tom Blubaugh takes the reader to a neglected time and place in this touching exploration of his own roots. An encouraging story that should inspire appreciation of one's own family heritage.
-J.B. Cheaney, author of The Playmaker and The Middle of Somewhere

Tom Blubaugh, author of "The Night of the Cossack", is a freelance writer. He has written nonfiction most of his adult life. He resides with his wife Barbara in Southwest Missouri where he is currently writing fiction. Tom and Barbara have six children and fourteen grandchildren. In addition to writing, Tom loves macro photography. He is president of Jericho Commission,Inc. Tom believes his retirement is about continuing to fulfill God's purpose.

I'm thrilled to have Tom as a guest on Butterfly Journey and I've asked Tom a few questions. He's be gracious enough to answer them for us.

1) Can you tell us about your writing journey?

I started writing poems when I was in my early teens—hoping to convert them to song lyrics. This didn’t happen and my writing was set aside until I was nearly thirty. I started writing nonfiction successfully. Night of the Cossack is my first fiction work.

2) What is a Cossack (for those who have not read the book) and how did you come up with the title "Night of the Cossack"?

A Cossack would be called a mercenary soldier today. The word means “freeman”. The hired out to different authorities such as the tsar of Russia. They were taken over by the Russian army in the early 1900’s. The title, Night of the Cossack, came as a result of what happens in the first three chapters of the book. To fully answer this would give away a key part of the book.

3) What genre would you place "Night of the Cossack?"

Historical fiction—Young Adult although it has been read by those as young as ten and as old as 80.

4) I can see how you book would appeal to all ages, young adult to seniors. Did you plan for this?

The book is about my grandfather who died before I was born. I wrote the story for myself first and then for my children and grandchildren. I wasn’t writing to be published. My oldest son is forty-two and my youngest grandchild is two. It doesn’t surprise me that it covers a wide audience.

5) Do you have any books planned for the future?

I am writing a sequel. I also have some children’s books in the works.

Thank you Tom! Tom is offering a copy of "The Night of the Cossack" as a giveaway. Here is what you need to do:

1) You must be a follower or sign up as a new follower.

2) Leave a comment about YA books. Have you read any?

3) For an extra chance to win send a new follower my way and come back and tell me they signed up.

4) Leave an address where I can contact you if you win.

5) The contest ends June 15th, 2011.