Friday, July 31, 2009

New Picture

Well it is well past my bedtime. However, I've been playing with my blog. I'm trying to learn more about ways to enhance it. I should learn how to post first and foremost. This is the third time I've written this post and tried to save it to the blog. They say the third time is a charm - we will see.
I am learning more and more though. Check out my butterfly picture and bible verse I've added.
Also, check out the little fishes at the bottom of the page. I've also added a couple of links to websites that I like. Well I had better sign off and get myself into bed. Until next time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


2009 American Christian Fiction Writers
Book of the Year Contest

Debut Author

  • A Passion Most Pure (Julie Lessman)
  • Courting Miss Adelaide (Janet Dean)
  • Every Good and Perfect Gift (Sharon K. Souza)
  • Hero, Second Class (Mitchell Bonds)
  • In the Shadow of the Sun King (Golden Keyes Parsons)
  • Faking Grace (Tamara Leigh)
  • Picket Fence Promises (Kathryn Springer)
  • Single Sashimi (Camy Tang)
  • Sweet Caroline (Rachel Hauck)
  • Truffles by the Sea (Julie Carobini)
Long Contemporary
  • Lookin Back Texas (Leanna Ellis)
  • One Holy Night (J.M. Hochstetler)
  • Stuck in the Middle (Virginia Smith)
  • Summer of Joy (Ann H. Gabhart)
  • Symphony of Secrets (Sharon Hinck)
Long Contemporary Romance
  • Along Came a Cowboy (Christine Lynxwiler)
  • Controlling Interest (Elizabeth White)
  • The Convenient Groom (Denise Hunter)
  • Finding Stefanie (Susan May Warren)
  • Zora and Nicky: A Novel in Black & White (Claudia Mair Burney)
Long Historical (6 finalists due to a tie)
  • The Apothecary’s Daughter (Julie Klassen)
  • Calico Canyon (Mary Connealy)
  • Deep In the Heart of Trouble (Deeanne Gist)
  • From A Distance (Tamera Alexander)
  • I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires (Cathy Gohlke)
  • My Heart Remembers ( Kim Vogel Sawyer)

  • The Case of the Bouncing Grandma (A.K. Arenz)
  • Death on a Deadline (Christine Lynxwiler, Sandy Gaskin, and Jan Reynolds)
  • Drop Dead Diva (Christine Lynxwiler, Sandy Gaskin, and Jan Reynolds)
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls (Nancy Mehl)
  • Of Mice . . . and Murder (Mary Connealy)

  • The Cookie Jar (Janet Lee Barton in A Connecticut Christmas anthology)
  • Dressed in Scarlet (Darlene Franklin in Snowbound Colorado Christmas anthology)
  • Santa’s Prayer (Diane Ashley in A Connecticut Christmas anthology)
  • Snowbound for Christmas (Gail Sattler in A Connecticut Christmas anthology)
  • Stuck On You (Rhonda Gibson in A Connecticut Christmas anthology)

Short Contemporary
  • Buffalo Gal (Mary Connealy)
  • Clueless Cowboy (Mary Connealy)
  • Family Treasures (Kathryn Springer)
  • Her Unlikely Family (Missy Tippens)
  • White as Snow (Janice Thompson)
Short Contemporary Suspense
  • Bayou Paradox (Robin Caroll)
  • Broken Lullaby (Pamela Tracy)
  • Countdown to Death (Debby Giusti)
  • Forsaken Canyon (Margaret Daley)
  • Killer Cargo (Dana Mentink)
Short Historical
  • Family of the Heart (Dorothy Clark)
  • Masked by Moonlight (Allie Pleiter)
  • Reckless Rogue (Mary Davis)
  • Return to Love (Susan Page Davis)
  • Sandhill Dreams (Cara Putman)
  • The Book of Names (D. Barkley Briggs)
  • DragonLight (Donita K. Paul)
  • The Restorer’s Journey (Sharon Hinck)
  • Shade (John B. Olson)
  • Summa Elvetica: A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy (Theodore Beale)
  • Anathema (Colleen Coble)
  • The Black Cloister (Melanie Dobson)
  • Fossil Hunter (John B. Olson)
  • Lonestar Sanctuary (Colleen Coble)
  • Perfect (Harry Kraus)

Women’s Fiction (7 finalists due to a tie)
  • A Month of Summer (Lisa Wingate)
  • Every Good and Perfect Gift (Sharon K. Souza)
  • My Sister Dilly (Maureen Lang)
  • The Perfect Life (Robin Lee Hatcher)
  • The Shape of Mercy (Susan Meissner)
  • Stepping into Sunlight (Sharon Hinck)
  • Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon (Debbie Fuller Thomas)

Young Adult
  • The Big Picture (Jenny B. Jones)
  • The Fruit of My Lipstick (Shelley Adina)
  • It’s all About Us (Shelley Adina)
  • The Owling (Robert Elmer)
  • Trion Rising (Robert Elmer)
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Journey Continues

Today we are on the lesson of characters and the lies they tell themselves. This is very interesting and in the process of learning about this - I came upon a book entitled: Seeing Through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe by Vonda Skelton.

I'm excited about this book and can't wait to read it. I've got so many books to read that I don't think I will ever finish them all even though I'm an avid reader. After we find what the lie is that our character believes then we moved on to the conflict in their life. This comes from the lies that they believe. It took me a while to get the concept, but with Ane Mulligan's help I think I'm beginning to get a handle on it.

Delving so deep into a character's life transforms them into three deminsional characters instead of a flat character. In other words they have the same desires, fears, hopes, struggles that all of us as humans go through at one time or another in our lives. It makes the characters believable and easier to relate to.

I am going to try and find out how to post links to my blog. I've got many that I would like to put up for my readers so they to can enjoy these sites. Good night!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Today has been an exciting day. We have begun the course on characters and their goals taught by Ane Mulligan. I feel privileged to have her as a teacher. I am also very excited to be part of the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) association. In just a few short days I feel like I am a member of a writing community. It feels good. I have longed to have someone else to talk to about writing and this is the perfect forum. Not only can you ask other authors questions there are courses to keep/hone your writing skills. I am anxious to get back to writing about my characters Trixie and Dee Dee. It has been too long that I've left them by all alone. I hope that maybe someday I will be able to have a blog/website that will be an encouragement and learning tool for fledgling writers like myself. Alas, for now it is all I can do to keep up with the classes I am taking.
Until next time!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It is also the first day of the rest of my journey. I'm excited about getting started on that journey. I've made some steps that I think will be very helpful to me. I've joined the American Christian Fiction Writers. They offer support to writers in many different ways. I will be beginning a week long on-line class on charaters this week. It is being taught by Ane Mulligan. I talked with Ane over the phone the other day and I know she is going to be a real support for me. She was so helpful in to me in setting up my account with ACFW so I could get the most benefit out of it. She does not live to far from me so I am looking forward to meeting with her. Well, this is a good start and I hope to be back and write more about what is going on in my journey. Maybe you will want to come, too.