Saturday, September 19, 2009

ACFW -- The Voice of Christian Fiction

Please take note of this announcement from the American Christian Fiction Writers.

In a few minutes I will make an announcement about a brand new
ACFW project: As ACFW fulfills its mission of being
the voice of Christian fiction we have launched this new initiative. So go
check it out! Let us know what you think! And stay tuned for more info on
how you can help.

Fiction Finder is really an exciting database - of authors, books, genres -
anything a reader would look for. It will be a wonderful tool for readers
and writers alike. There has been a lot of hard work and effort put into
this. It's amazing and wonderful.

Again, take a look. I just love ACFW and all its doing to be the "Voice of
Christian Fiction!" More details will come about this so stay tuned.

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