Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amy Wallace's Update

I just wanted to post the comment that Amy sent about the meeting this past Tuesday. In the post she gives us a little more detail about the pictures so I am just going to copy and paste what she had to say. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and my little story about my adventure.

Hi, Deborah!

It was such a treat to meet you at WORD! And thank you for braving truly yucky weather to come visit with us. Anytime you're able to come again, we would LOVE to have you!

The lady in the blue shirt is Lindi Peterson, WORD VP.

Our speaker that evening was Creston Mapes and he spoke on how to make a living at writing. A very informative and inspiring talk and discussion that followed.

If you all would like to learn more about WORD, please check out our website: And if there are any questions I can answer for you, please let me know.

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