Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Is On Its Way in the North Georgia Mountains

An "Indian Tree". The Indians used them for signs and directions.
A beautiful bird I was lucky to capture. I don't know what kind it is.

A "blind" where you can be hidden and watch the wildlife.

The trail head

Blaines Country Store where you turn to go to Carter's Lake. A rare find!

I live about 60 miles north of Atlanta and this is considered part of the Appalachian Mountains. Saturday the weather was beautiful - almost 70 degrees with a slight breeze blowing. About 50 miles north of us between Jasper, Georgia and Ellijay, Georgia is Carter's Lake Recreations Area.

I've heard of Carter's Lake many times, but have never been. This weekend my fiance and I went on an adventure to find Carter's Lake. That we did! We also found hiking trails and a short birding trail - just right for me and my fibromyalgia. I want to share some of the pictures I took on this birding trail. Hope you enjoy them. I know everyone is looking forward to Spring and I found some sure signs it is on its way!



  1. There's nowhere more beautiful in the spring like Georgia! That is, until the yellow snow begins to fall. :)

  2. Nice pictures! How are things? I'm finally moved and resting a little before getting full into writing again. Not much time though for I registered to go to the blue ridge mountain conference in May. You going?