Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where is your office?

As I sat on my couch I wondered where other writers had their office. I don't have an offical office, but I do have a regular desk in a corner of my bedroom. When I write at my desk it makes my shoulders hurt after a short time at the computer. The desk is just too high. I've found it is much more comfortable to sit on the couch with my computer on my lap. My brother bought me a portable lap top desk the other day and I really like it too. I can sit on the couch and use it, but it is still more comfortable with it in my lap.

Do you have a favorite writing place. I would love to hear your story.



  1. Hi Deborah,
    When I write for my blog, or just spend time on the computer, I usually will use the kitchen table or the couch, switching off helps with circulation. I have carpal tunnel so writing/typing is usually uncomfortable. I hope this does not sound as if I'm complaining. I am thankful to have a laptop, and a place to write. The lap-top desk are great, but we have a puppy, and she would push it over :o)

    God bless,
    Michele Katherine

  2. Hey Deborah! **waving**

    After my son got married last November, I converted his bedroom over to my office.
    My desk, printer, books, and All my writing materials are in there, BUT...I still like to curl up in my husband recliner in the livingroom with my laptop. That's still my favorite place to write!

  3. I love taking my laptop to the couch too for multi-tasking while watching my favorite show. :O)

  4. I'm tickled at the posts I've already received about your "office". I've enjoyed reading them and hope others will read and post also. Looks like the couch is a favorite! Thanks for supporting me.

    Deborah(Debbie) M.

  5. My office is my bed. LOL. I sit propped up with my computer on my lap. I have a my plot board poster hanging in my bedroom. Husband just looooves that...not. :)