Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Georgia Backroads"

I have been writing for a historical magazine for nearly eight years. The first time I wrote for them I found out that one of the writers lived in my town. I called and asked if he would look at my article. Oh, let me back up first. How I got started writing for them.

I had been dating someone for about a year. We both liked to read a magazine called, "North Georgia Journal." We went out to eat one night and were pleasantly surprised to find the restaurant was housed in a wonderful old building. Since he is an architect he was especially interested in the beautiful athestics and we were both interested in the history. I made the comment that someone should write a story for, "North Georgia Journal" and he said, "Why don't you?" And I said, "I will." That launched a freelance job with the magazine which has lasted through today.

OK - back to the story. Dan said he would be happy to help. After I finished and sent him the manuscript he was kind enough to edit it for me - which needed a lot. He graciously gave me pointers on what the editor was looking for and told me how important old and new pictures were. I sent the story in and within a couple of weeks I heard back. The editor wanted to print the story. I was walking on cloud nine. I had to go back to the restaraunt to get a little more information, but when I got there the owner was not there for our appointment. I asked the gentleman sitting at the table where she was. You can imagaine the shock I got when he said, "That's my wife and she ran off with the cook." After the initial shock I thought this has to be a joke - that was until he starting crying. I felt bad for him and stayed a couple of hours trying to console him.

Well, needless to say the restaurant closed down and the story was not published. I experienced a roller coaster of emotions during that time. From being elated to being disappointed. But, I was heartened by the fact that he wanted to run my story. That began my writing for the magazine. What a story. It had to be true, because you can't make up that kind of stuff. LOL

Anyway, after writing for years and several published articles under my belt I was so excited to hear that my mentor, Dan had bought the magazine. By this time it had been name, "Georgia Backroads." It is now published from a small town next to where I live. I'm happy to say that I've gone on to have published several more articles with Dan.

Each story takes quite a bit of research, so there are always stories within the story. There are interviews with people who are linked to the story and thier ancestors. You have to make sure everything you write is factual so that takes a lot of digging. Then there are the pictures that have to be located. When you find an old picture it is like finding the treasure at the end of the treasure hunt.

Anyway, that is the beginning of my writing. I have just submitted a manuscript titled, "The Sheriff Shoots the Deputy." I will tell about the story in my next post. If you live in this area - or even if you don't - you can find the link to Georgia Backroads under my links. Until next time!

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