Saturday, August 22, 2009

Try It Again!

Well, you know the article I was so excited about - "The Sheriff Shoots the Deputy?" It seems that my editor thinks it needs a little more work. Alright, maybe a lot more work. After the initial shock of getting the bad news, I've decided to try even harder and rewrite it. I don't want to give up. I've got a lot of writing in me and I know there will be times when I get rejections or rewrites. That is just part of the game.

I have some exciting news. I've been asked to be an influencer for two new books coming out. When I first saw this I wondered what in the world is an influencer and what do they do. Well, it seems that when authors have a new book coming out they get so many copies to hand out for someone to read. After reading the book they hope that person will then influence others to buy thier book. This could be by word of mouth, blogging, facebook, etc. I will be sure and let you know how they are.

It's late tonight so I am going to rest for now. Next time I want to tell you about my first submission to be critiqued. This was very interesting for sure. Happy Reading!

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