Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Is An Influencer?

I've heard this word many times lately on the American Christian Fiction Writers email loops. I've learned that when an author has a new book coming out they will give their books to someone who will read and critique it. This is a way to get the word out about thier new books.

I've signed on to be an influencer for two new books coming out. The first one is titled "The Transformation" by Terri Kraus. This is a Christian Fiction Book. In the next few days I will post what is written on the back of the book telling a little of what it is about. By then I will have started reading it.

The second book is by Max Lucado. It is titled "Fearless." If any of you have read his books you know that he has a unique way of writing. One that you will never forget. I will write about it also. I need to go now because my shoulders and neck are hurting from typing on the computer. As always, Happy Reading!

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