Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meeting Katie Cushman

I want to share an exciting experience I had Monday night. First let me tell you how I became acquainted with Katie. We both belong to the American Christian Fiction Writers group and in that group there is an e-mail loop. Within the loop everyone who has signed up can see posts from all those who have joined.

A few weeks ago Katie had posted an e-mail and asked if there was anyone that lived in North Georgia. I did not know Katie at the time that I wrote her back and told her that I did live in North Georgia. She didn't ask me if I would be willing to hand out some postcards promoting her latest book "Leaving Yesterday" telling about three book signings that would be taking place in our area.

Katie graciously sent me a copy of her book along with the postcards and some bookmarks to pass out. When I started the book I was unable to put it down (well not literally) until I finished it. It was wonderfully written in very time relevant - a book most parents would be able to relate to.

Well, October 19 arrived and I was so looking forward to meeting Katie Monday morning. Then something unexpected came up and I was unable to go. I was very disappointed that I wasn't the be able to meet her. But then, low and behold, things settle down to where I was able to go meet her at Jacobs Well Christian Bookstore in Calhoun, Georgia. She was just like I expected - a very attractive, friendly and warm person. we talked about writing of course and I bought another one of her books that I have already started. The name of this book is "Waiting for Daybreak".

I would like to post a couple of pictures I took at the book signing. I hope you enjoy seeing them. Be sure and go to her website and check out her books and read a little bit more about her. A link to her site is listed under my favorite links.


  1. Hi Deborah, I'm a member of the ACFW and always try to follow the blogs of those members I find on the loop. I enjoy getting to know my fellow ACFW's via their blogs. I've found alot of great encouragement through the organization. God Bless and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. It was so good to have you join us at our local ACFW chapter, Deborah! I'll be back here to see more of you, too. :D