Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October New Releases!

Here are some of the new releases of Christian Fiction. Please check them out!

1. A Star Curiously Singing, The DarkTrench Saga, Book 1, by
<> Kerry Nietz from Marcher Lord Press. An
augmented human programmer is sent to space to solve the mystery of a bot's

2. Double Take, by Jenness Walker <> from
Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense. When a stalker becomes obsessed with a
woman, the key to stopping him lies in a best-selling thriller.until he
stops going by the book.

3. Dreaming of Home, by <> Glenna Kaye from
Steeple Hill Love Inspired Two wounded hearts must learn to trust that God's
dreams for them far exceed any they may have for themselves.

4. Eternity Falls - A Rick Macey Cyberthriller, Book 1 of the Rick Macey
Cyberthriller series, by <> Kirk Outerbridge
from Marcher Lord Press. A cyber-enhanced detective must stop a religious
zealot from destroying a serum for eternal life.

5. Gripped By Fear, Chicago Warrior Thriller Series, 2nd book, by
<> John M. Wills from Total Recall. Chgo Detectives
hunt a serial rapist in the mean streets of Chicago in the midst of personal

6. Leaving Yesterday, by Kathryn Cushman <> from
Bethany House. A mother rejoices at the return of her prodigal, but is faced
with an impossible decision as evidence from his past refuses to stay

7. Loves Finds You in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, by Lauralee Bliss
<> from Summerside Press. Set in the Guilded
Age within the beauty of New
Hampshire's White Mountains, successful artist Tom Haskins and penniless
Sara McGee discover through their circumstances that the most precious gifts
of life and love don't always come as they're expected.

8. Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska, by <>
Loree Lough from Summerside Press. A story that's sure to warm your heart,
despite the icy Alaskan setting!

9. Love is a Battlefield, Book One in the Walk in the Park series, by
<> Annalisa Daughety from Barbour Publishing.
War rages again at Shiloh, but this time it's a battle of the heart.

10. Seaside Letters, by <> Denise Hunter
from Thomas Nelson. Sabrina Kincaid didn't intend to fall for Nantucket
native Tucker McCabe, the man she serves coffee to every morning-a man tied
deeply to a past she
deeply regrets. But she has. And she's fallen hard. But she's kept this a
secret from her handsome customer. And now Tucker wants to hire Sabrina to
help locate his friend "Sweetpea"-the mysterious woman he's falling in love
with online. Sabrina is not inclined to help, but if Tucker hires someone
else, it could spell disaster. Because if someone else sifts through the
emails and figures out the truth-then Tucker will discover that the person
he's trying to find is . . . her.

11. Soldier Daddy, Wings of Refuge Series-book 5-all standalones, by
<> Cheryl Wyatt from Steeple Hill. A USAF
Pararescue Jumper searches for a nanny for his twins and instead finds a
future with a woman harboring a secret tied to his past.

12. The Case of the Mystified M.D., Book 2, Bouncing Grandma Mysteries, by
A.K. <> Arenz from Sheaf House. First a foot, now a
hand--what body part is next?

13. The Christmas Journey, by <> Winnie Griggs
from Steeple Hill Love Inspired.

14. The Jewel of his Heart, Heart of the West Series, by
<> Maggie Brendan from Revell.
Discover the classic struggle between the world's wealth and the lure of
eternal love in this Western story of elegance and survival.

15. The Matchmaking Pact, After the Storm #4 , by
<> Carolyn Aarsen from Steeple Hill Love
Inspired. A single father and a single mother have to deal with matchmaking

16. Thirsty, by <> Tracey Bateman from
Waterbrook. "Deep, cutting, an intoxicating blend of human and supernatural,
of characters scarred by the past, drained by life. This is the book I've
waited for."

17. Trial By Fire, by <> Cara Putman from Steeple
Hill Love Inspired Suspense. When an arsonist targets her family, Tricia has
to find him before harm is done without losing her heart to a fireman.


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